Surveys are open for the last two weeks of your course.
(see schedule below if you donít know when your course ends)
To access your course evaluations, enter your Student ID, and  click Submit.
Completing the online evaluation will only take a minimal amount of your time (approximately 5-10 minutes).

Although the evaluation system tracks whether you have completed the evaluation, your specific responses are anonymous and cannot be associated with you, unless you choose to identify yourself in your comments.

As a student, you have the right to evaluate your course and your instructor.

Spring 2014 Online Course Evaluations
Survey Deadlines
Start Survey
End Survey
March 3rd
March 17th
April 14th
May 5th
8W2 & 12W
April 28th
May 12th
MTE Evaluations will be completed as an assignment in MathLabsPlus

Dual Enrollment and Dynamic Session surveys will be available the last two weeks of the course

If you are enrolled in a course and the course is not open
to you, please email
with your name and course you are trying to take the survey for.

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